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All I Want Is Sushi

If you had asked me before to bite into a piece of sushi, I would have said, “yuck!” Raw fish, seaweed and rice? I have lived a lifetime without sushi, but I guess I shouldn’t knock something before trying it! I think sushi is one of my favorite foods now. Whether it’s a sumptuous California roll or a dragon roll with tempura shrimp, Zem-One has only increased my love for this Japanese delicacy. Zem-One is a fusion of Thai, Chinese, and Japanese cuisines, though I would emphasize the Japanese. The red walls and black leather seating with ambient lighting highlights the hybridity of cuisines Zem-One offers.

After my last visit to Zem One, the chicken corn soup was my least favorite item. The salt overpowered the chicken broth. I wanted a taste that was reminiscent of my mother’s delicious chicken corn soup but sadly it fell short. On second thought, the miso soup offered with the sushi was my least favorite. The soup was flat and bitter even with addition of salt. But I must say, in general I am not the biggest fan of soups anyway. We also tried the Thai chicken mango curry served with a bowl of rice. The Thai dish was a delicious combination of chicken stir-fry sautéed with chunks of mangoes, mango sauce, and topped with cashews. The sweet and salty intermingling on my taste buds however, did not leave a lasting impression. I remain loyal to sushi.

Finally, we ordered the best-selling Mississauga Paradise roll, named after the beloved city in which Zem-One is located, and an Orange Dragon roll. The menu had an impressive selection of special, deep fried and broiled sushi rolls. Even though the Mississauga Paradise is a best seller I preferred the Orange Dragon. I loved the California roll base topped with salmon, avocado, and crunchy flying fish eggs. Not to forget the equally crunchy tempura shrimp. The staff is attentive and frequently checked on our table even refilling our water glasses before the water was done. I call that ‘attention to detail.’

Finally, in terms of pricing, Zem-One is on the higher range for its sushi and Thai entree dishes with the special rolls ordinarily priced from $11.99 to $13.99 for eight pieces. However, with some of the freshest sushi I have tried in Mississauga, I would say the price is well worth it.

Though I may not be all praise for the Chinese and Thai cuisines, the sushi is enough to draw me in every single time. Zem-One is located at 4555 Hurontario Street, Mississauga, ON L4Z 3M2, 905.712.1615